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Tots Education
Tots Education

Based in Yuen Long and Tseung Kwan O

FILLIP IB Approach
FILLIP IB Approach

Based in Causeway Bay

Primo Education and Recruitment
Primo Education and Recruitment

Long Ping, Yuen Long

DipDip Education
DipDip Education

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Heart Girl
The Imaginary Orchestra




The Way to Magic Land
The Missing Snowman
Little House Big House
My Ocean Tree

Do you have what it takes?

Well... you got this far, why stop there?

About us

We are here to provide parents something about happy, healthy lifestyles, education, savings and so much more...


Are you tired looking for the right school or place to send your child to continue his or her future learning progress?  We have all been passed leaflets from the old on the sidewalk about new essential programs or courses but how to choose the right one?

We have practically built a forum for those to share their experience for all the schools and centers. Parents that want to share with us with what you want to share with others about your first hand experience from these institutes.


They all ask me what's it really like to be living in Hong Kong. I say the first few years are great! Being young and all but as times passes. The heavy traffic, humidity and air pollution and the stress to making all ends meet. Hong Kong has certainly become a stressful and tiring place to start a family. Nothing is cheap; especially the housing. 

What could I do to stretch my legs and not think about work? Traveling takes a fare bit of the income and for those that are really struggling, what could we do?

Firstly, think about family, health and money. These seem to become the importance of our lives nowadays.  Interested to know what I do to change my lifestyle?

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If you are interested to get a booking for trial classes offered by our networking team. Please go to the map to find more detailed offers or simple click below to make a booking slot for you or your child.

September 2018