About Us

ShiShiShaSha Tutors is a tuition agency connecting students and tutors in Hong Kong. Students and tutors benefit from using our service as the ShiShiShaSha team will personally oversee and coordinate the whole recruitment process to ensure that students are matched with the ideal tutor that best matches their availability, wants, needs, and budget. 

We work for students and tutors to simplify the whole process of finding a match!

思思莎莎是一所連接香港學生和導師的補習中介公司. 學生和導師可以從使用我們的服務中受益, 因為 思思莎莎將親自監督和協調整個招聘流程, 以確保學生能夠與最符合其可用性, 需求和預算的理想導師相匹配.

我們為學生和導師工作, 以簡化找到匹配的整個過程!

Upcoming Events:
Family Day - 28.10.2018

A Grand Opening Event at Times Square, Causeway Bay on the 28th of October, 2018. Head down to the Emperor and Jewellery building at 8 Russell Street and go up to the 13th Floor. 

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