Frequently asked questions

Becoming an Teacher

Am I qualified?

Yes, if you can provide a good education, teaching experience and related teaching qualification. For certificaties you can always visit or to attain one. Prices varies on countries, you can email us on for inquireis for scholarship to save on programs that you wish to be certified for.

Where can I pertain a teaching certificate?

There are many places to apply for a teaching certificate. Here are some places that you could try. If you are pursuing to be a language tutor other than English. We would highly recommend doing the teachers Education in Technology at (you can contact us for some scholarship for the WEA certification. The prices vary from $499 USD to as a little as $299 USD. We suggest to not go for the ones that offer TEFL for $19 USD as they maybe not legit.

Will I be given a job?

This will depend on the information that you can provide to us. Finding work online as an online tutor is easier to provide to tutors that actual overseas working opportunities since of the lockdown in many countries and the closure of many schools. However, we do try our best to collect all documents such as certificates, resume and video introduction, too. It is vital that we have a good portfolio to present to the schools.

How much can I earn from being an online tutor?

Tutors can earn anywhere from $250 HKD to $500 HKD for 45 mins to 60 mins classes. The hourly always differes as to where the students are based, too. The above pricing are for students in Hong Kong.

Do you sponsor visas?

Sorry, we do not handle the working visa application for teachers. The schools are always the ones to handle it.

Why do I need to verifiy step two with a dollar?

Because we want to make sure that you are a REAL person. We have had many time-wasters that come to us for job opportunities. We don't mind answering your questons but if you ask us to buy you a new laptop or pay for your studying, teaching certificate or internet bills so that you can become a teacher, we will NOT do that. Even if you say you will pay us back with your salary, I am afraid we CANNOT! Verifying with the one dollars tell us that you are also elgible to receive payments online since you can verify with the one dollar verification. Please do not mistunderstand us or think that we are collecting for charity.

How long will I need to wait before hearing about job opportunities?

We will look through all the information that you provide us and make a screening with you and the schools. We will try our best but not guarantee that everyone is successful as we are not the hiring party. We are here to support you with everything that you provide us with. If you should not be eligible to teach oversesas, then online is still a wonderful way of making a living.


Terms and Conditions

By sending in your video introduction to us, you agree that we (ShiShiShaSha) to use your video to promote to parents, schools and to the shishishasha website and it's media marketing team. If you wish to only have your video introduction to be used for schools only purposes, you may opt for this option by sending us an email requesting for opting out for non-social media a marketing. Please send your request to

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