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About Us

Our History

Established in 2004 Primo Learning Centre is a leading vendor in Hong Kong for delivering English based activities and courses.


基誠教學中心於 2004 年成立,是在香港提供英語為主的活動和課程的領先供應商


Our program characteristics

  • Link with school aims and objectives

  • Activities delivered in English – speaking, listening, reading and writing by experienced native English speaking teachers.

  • Interactive and fresh learning environment.


  • 連結與學校的目的和目標

  • 由經驗豐富的外籍英語教師提供在英語-講、 聽、 讀、 寫的活動

  • 互動和新鮮的學習環境


Our Mission

Deliver education with a focus of teaching English as a second language. We aim at making learning English an enjoyable experience to students.




Our Vision

To be the most reputable and reliable learning centre in HK where learners will leave with a longing for the next lesson and ultimately achieve their learning goals.



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