Where to go today with the kids?

Hong Kong


Halloween Events

Yes, today is Halloween trick or treating in Hong Kong. Since most places will celebrate on the weekend rather on a school day.

Where are you able to find these activities live in your neighborhood?


If you live in Mid Levels, you can have a friendly walk around the park where kids will gather with their parents.

The Gold Coast Piaza is a place each year to take your kids 'Trick or Treating'. Usually every evening from 27th to 31st October between 5pm to 9pm. Kids and parents dress up and share candies.

- 15th October, 2018

Halloween at Preschool


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What are your plans this weekend? Winter is coming and Hongkongers start to take out the BBQs and hotpots. Yes, those Chinese oriental style rice steam pots that come with the Chinese pork or liver sausages.

Taste great and keeps the cold out, if you are the easy type to catch colds.

Also, most people would queue at the snake shops for some delicious snake soup (Chinese says its all healthy and a warm body reliever)

I must say, the first time I tried it. It was super delicious.

- 31st October, 2018

Asian Soup


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